I dream of cages, tethers, and chainsListen now (5 min) | Peaches, bars, and fake mermaids. (This is creative non-fiction)
Also a Note on Reading Habits and Goodreads
Stranger Conversations: A Cult Classic and the Simultaneous Discovery of NovelsListen now (11 min) | Also what The Leftovers, Lost, and Stranger Things all have in common.
Banana Bread Vs Writing: Inside Intimations with Zadie Smith Part 3Listen now (8 min) | Is writing just something to do?
American Suffering: Inside Intimations with Zadie Smith Part 2. Listen now (6 min) | Stereotypes, a meme, an empty bottle, an iPad, Death.
The Monkey Paints the Bars: Inside Intimations with Zadie Smith Part 1Listen now (6 min) | Insights from Zadie Smith's essay, "Peonies"
Misdiagnosis, Nocebo, and Two Poems Listen now (13 min) | My recent experience of being misdiagnosed with an incurable condition and the lessons I learned from it.
1984 and the "Ministry of Truth" trended last week on Twitter, with folks citing the novel as predicting our current state of political affairs, but is…
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