I’m Charlotte Dune, author of the novels Cactus Friends and Mushroom Honeymoon. Welcome to my mind swamp. This is a “variety magazine.” I refuse to niche. The lagoon is neurospicy, and sometimes slippery, squalid, silly, and saucy. What other adjectives start with “S”? Sssssss.

You will find think pieces, self-experiments, short fiction, auto-fiction, personal essays, interviews, poems, and guest pieces.

I’m now also paying diverse writers to contribute work. Please send me your pitch here if you’d like to contribute.

You’ve found me and I’ve found you.

Let’s swim and sun ourselves together. Let’s question and explore this swirling world.

I also host a weekly writers’ support group for serious writers with bestselling author, Lainey Cameron, on Zoom every Thursday at 8 PM EST. If you’d like to join the group, please complete this form.

Thanks for reading. Leave me love notes, snakes, or lizards.

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This swamp is neuroslippery and psychadeltropical. In the waters, you might find anything...


Charlotte Dune

Author of the Psychedelic Love Series. 🌵🍄 Decriminalize nature. Be creative. Exploring mind expansion, shifts in language, new words and worlds, and the future of storytelling. https://linktr.ee/charlottedune 🙏