Okay, let's see if I can do this ...

Luxury beliefs is spot on. That's an easy one.

Alcoholic glamour is a big problem, especially for lgbt folks. There's a lot more to say there, but also kina not really. It's sad and can get me depressed quickly.

Gar-mon-BOH-ZEE-ah … One of my favorite movies from my favorite series and favorite director.

Bed rotting. Okay this is one I have complicated feelings about. I'm not Gen Z. I'm X, so that could be part of it. But I am pro anticapitalist practices and pro rest culture, so. I don't really think of it as rotting. I also only kind of get how it intersects with not girl summer, but not really beyond it being not hot girl summer. So, maybe I'm confused? Or maybe I just don't like the idea behind it.

I would very much like to retire from the plot … and have tried to! Several times. But I keep pulling myself back in.

Serial friction is just silly. I have a hard time believing anyone actually says that.

I'm not familiar with the term daybook, but it kind of reeks of marketing. But I'm fine with it. Not a length snob.

I would add to the GamerLife one 'sandboxing' or something like that. Which is, you know, living your life avoiding the main quest because it's uninteresting and only occasionally even bothering with side quests. This is peak TVS goals, dontcha know. But I'm constantly shitting it up by allowing myself to be drawn back into the plot.

The NPC one is … depressing. It's depressing cos it's true. So many folks are, how can we say this … not encumbered by the stress of developing a personality? I don't mean anyone is any less worthy of love or respect or attention, only that interacting is pretty boring and predictable. It's a bummer, man. It's a bummer.

Main character energy is getting long in the tooth, no? That one's been around for a minute.

Villain energy is pretty funny. I think I end up giving off antihero energy, maybe? Or sassy weirdo energy? I dunno. My read on things isn't what it used to be.

Summer in America is intriguing. That's, like, a novel or a comic book series or something, waiting to happen.

Florida drift, with all due respect, seems spot on 😏

Senior death week is bleak … and I was exactly the sort of asshole who would have said something like that when I was that age. Ah good times. Not really. Not really at all.

FloridaCore is hilarious 😂 and, I mean, I can dig it.

RRF seems indistinguishable from RBF to me. Just one B has money.

Okay, I think I did it.

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I have a lot of thoughts 😄 Gimme a sec to process all this

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I can totally relate to my Main Quest (find an agent already!) getting disrupted by my Side Quests (everything else). And now I feel like I need to re-watch Seinfeld to spot the copies of the Twin Peaks movie!

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How do you come up with this stuff? 😀 I think I’ve RFTPed.

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