Picked a Winner! And the prize goes too...

Plus a word from the featured author, Agah Bahari

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Last week, I invited everyone to enter into my Love Day Giveaway, featuring the books of my partner, Persian poet, musician, translator, and philosopher, Agah Bahari. He’s strumming a guitar out of frame, lol.

In today’s video, we pick a winner! Congrats! And we read a short excerpt from the book selected. Thank you everyone for entering! If you have any trouble playing the video, please let me know.

The Substack I mention in the video is The Elevator, which you can find here:

Also, don’t forget, next Sunday is our first ever, Lagoon Live, a community open mic evening on Zoom at 7 pm EST.

More details are in the post below, ICYMI. I’ll email the Zoom link to everyone sometime before the event and share it in the Substack chat.

See you there!

Thanks for reading and have a great rest of your day!


Charlotte Dune

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