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I love this line “let’s get everyone involved in this spending” haha. As a mom it drives me nuts when the school wants everyone to bring in small toys or stickers for Valentine’s Day. More spending. More plastic waste.

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Yup, hate Valentine’s Day ... but so does my wife. We’ve got other ways of stoking the fires.

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I have that Halberstam book, Female Masculinity, off the butch list.

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If my gal-pals would each offer to clean my toilet as a present... I could take a vacation for a couple of months. 😂

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Wow, very nice, I went penniless on a love shopping spree, kudos, my bloody Galentine!

This is epic, love it!



Iceland, definitely Iceland!

I gotta go to Iceland one more time to chill the hell out!

Iceland the way you have never seen or even imagined, all in the DELUXE Special Limited Edition!


Yes, actually, I am the worst kind at saying no, you do not want to know, lol!



Nato shot down the Chinese balloonery, alien ballooney tunes, and now we will have a ballooney war, good luck with that!

Another nuttin´ burger, tank you, sank you very much, nom nom nom!

My silent screams might be a perfect soundrack to the next Plandemic MAGAphoned!

That is why I must be the good guy, right? Do not try this at home, as Beavis and Butthead would advise!

Being the good guy among so many bad guys really freaks me out, gives me the creeps! And then I testify on the inflated Weaponization of BullSkirt in the Dungeon Subcommittee hot spa meeting .... go figure!



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